I'm Sarah Z. Makdad, a Moroccan French unagented author based in Europe. When I'm not creating stories, I can be found working on marketing campaigns at a game studio. 

I obtained a Bachelor's degree in French literature and a Bachelor's degree in English literature at the Sorbonne, as well as an MA in Digital Marketing at CELSA. 

I have an unhealthy obsession with Doctor Who, lavender london fog, and everything cute!

Literary fiction WIP

This manuscript is is a work of literary fiction with epistolary elements and mixed media on the unique struggles of a lonely narrator. 

The story focuses on: 

🔥Toxic relationship 

🇫🇷 Republicanism and its colourblind approach

💻Online communities targeting young women (TradWife, femcel, edtwt & more)

Sci Fi WIP

"The worst wasn’t meeting the woman that haunted her life in reverse: it was trying to remember her after each brainwash session."

This queer sci-fi with romantic elements follows Ra, a young woman stuck in a dead-end time traveling job at the Union in the 36th century, and El, a mysterious woman who keeps appearing everywhere Ra goes. 

That story explores a simple question: if all time and space was at our disposal, how would our capitalist society exploit it?