Roll for Good (2024)

Roll for Good is a European TTRPG charity initiative aiming to raise money for good causes and spread some joy while streaming TTRPGs.  

On May 19th, we played STAG PARTY, a game created and DM'ed by Grant Howitt on Twitch to raise money for Medecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders.

A total of £1,325 was raised this year thanks to donations to help players and GM during their games!

FURAX 5-6-7 avril 2024

Joined the Communication team as a CM for the event. Furax takes place during 3 days of non-stop streaming with Twitch influencers and volunteers working to collect money and raise awareness around doxxing, sexism and sexual violence against women. 

151.754 EUROS were collected to support the French non-profit Feminists contre le cyberharcelement (Feminists against online harassement).  

Wholesome Direct 2023

Translated the Wholesome Direct (including its pre-show) in French.

This new edition includes more than 80 cozy games full of good vibes and fun!

Friendship Garden

Volunteering as a Community Manager and Board Member of Frienship Garden, a non-profit cultivating a more inclusive game industry and empowering marginalized developers.

Women In Games France

Volunteering as part of the speaker team, working on promoting speakers and connecting women to events. 

Wholesome Direct 2022

Translated the Wholesome Direct -Indie Game Showcase 6.11.2022 in French.
The event sheds light on wholesome indie games.

Wholesome Snack 2022

Translated the Wholesome Snack - Game Awards special edition in French in December 2022! 

This fun-sized show feature world will features premieres, demos, exclusives, and new game announcements. 

Art Charity Tombola for Caisse de solidarité

Everyone giving at least 5 euros to the Caisse Solidarite and helping protesters fighting for retirement rights in France can win an original art piece. 

This tombola officially launched on March 23. More info on the official website.

Career XP 2022 with Into Games

Exchanged  with job seekers around community development and getting into the industry in January 2022. 

Sorbonne University / Editions Sillage

Illustrated "Poésie en Sorbonne: Simple Trace" published by les éditions sillages for The Sorbonne.

Secours Catholique

Created the logo for the solidarity bar "la Pause du Pont"  based in  Auxerre (Burgundy, France).
This associative bar aims to help marginalized people socialize by organizing activities (game nights, karaoke, art exhibitions etc) and having non-alcoholic drinks and food for up to 1€ .